Thoughts of a (late) thirty something Englishman

I wish we didn't have climate change.

Health in my teens was amazing and undervalued.

80 s music seems so much better now, songs with harsh/serious messages still seemed upbeat.

80 s movies were mostly funny and inspirational.

There are so many more countries in the world now.

Having only 4 TV channels meant you really appreciated the few good shows.

Food seems to have got so much better.

Beer has become as varied as wine.

Did we really stock olive oil in chemists back in the 70s!

Older women are getting more attractive as they inevitably get younger.

Am gonna really miss Robin Williams.

Drugs are getting scarier.

Remember when Eddie Murphy was a brilliant stand-up comedian.

Starting to regret times I wasted my life.

Thinking it is more important to reduce life's regrets.

Match of the day meant Saturdays.

Christmas has got warmer.

Cannot quite believe we used to use cassette tapes!

Family keeps getting more important.

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