Muay Thai then mellow

Sat at a desk all day I really needed to get down to the gym once the working day had finished, especially since I am easily affected by health news (regardless of the fact I am an ex-heavy smoker and social smoker) and it is now said sitting down lots increases your chance of dying from something particularly nasty lots.

So I rushed home to drop off my work laptop then hurried over to my gym a mere 20 minutes walk away.

It was a Muay thai class I wanted to attend, I've been to two at the same gym but they were taught by a different instructor. Tonites session was led by one of the gym owners and although it wasn't too intense it still left me drenched walking back home with that mellow, clear headed, slightly weakened and carefree feeling you get after decent bouts of exercise.

Tonites session was made all the better by a fairly significant absense from the gym due to recent work hours and some ill advised nights out, I like keeping fit as much as I like unravelling that fitness down a pub, but one of the two really helps all aspects of my life, the other ruins em all.

Exercise gives me (and I would imagine yourself) the inspiration to try more things. I want to try yoga and pilates classes, am going to attend the calisthenics classes at my gym and train my arms up to that of a chimpanzees but with less hair and I am definitely signing up for some of that British Military Fitness group training they do in local parks after meeting some of the BMF members at the weekend.

I feel clear headed and unable to think stressful thoughts right now and it is such a hard feeling to come by. I've been doing mindful meditation each day for the last 10 days and the feeling afterward is really quite wonderful especially since the nice feeling it gives comes from very little external input, but still it is nothing like that fresh feeling after a fitness session when you are effortlessly relaxed.

That fresh feeling could of course just be the minty shower gel I used an hour ago, only a pound from Wilkos dont you know!

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