Classical music creeping into my life

Classical music is starting to creep into my life and I have no real issue with that.

I used to have issue with classical orchestral music and would feel dismay at the family gathering when the TV was turned off and a music CD put on in it's place, it felt like we were walking away from the main stage at a festival.

You become your parents don't you and the sooner you stop fighting it the better!

So I have found my own few little justifications to listen to classical music and they are :

  • Music I like at the moment such as a UKF dubstep podcasts or cheery rock from the likes of Korn or Avenged sevenfold are too distracting when I am trying to work.

  • No other music actually stirs emotions in me like classical music which i think it is due to movies.

When I think back to a powerful movie moment it is generally accompanied by a decent soundtrack and orchestral music really conjures up a wealth of thoughts and feelings with a simple handful of highly trained musicians.

Think Star wars, Trading places, Cape fear.

I've found listening to classical music helps me concentrate more on work while giving me a pleasant feeling that I am watching a movie without the distraction, I will have the same sort of thoughts like "uh oh whats going to hapen next" or "I think someone's in love" while the music plays, yet there is no one there, no imagery outside my head. Take away the music from a movie and half the drama can be lost.

So that is my justification right now. Still cannot cope with operatic singing, obviously the alien opera on fifth element is an exception, but otherwise that is a genre or sub genre I will try and adjust too next decade.

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