Contented Sunday work day

I look out the office window at the tree-filled view with a pleasant autumnal glow. In the near distance, dotted along the horizon, are those tall colourful terrace houses I see a lot in the South West ( that make me want to visit coastal villages in Devon and Cornwall ) and to the immediate right is platform 1 of Temple Meads train station where I can hear regular departure and arrival announcements.

It is a Saturday. I am working on a website for a huge global TV network (alas the site will remain on their internal network). It is not too complicated but fiddly with a tight deadline and requires a HTML email to be built - possibly the most thankless task in web development due to their complexity and small pay-off. I feel very contented.

Weekend shifts can have a certain tranquil quality to them, fewer phone calls and fewer people. I think it is for this reason they feel more relaxing but at a cost of some resentment at being cooped up indoors while all the other kids can go out to play. On this particular shift, though, I feel perfectly satisfied.

I am currently freelancing, so work is not guaranteed. Maybe I was happy to have been in work for the last couple months after a few weeks of uncertainty in August, maybe I had a better night's sleep than the previous evenings. It is almost certainly because I was listening to classical music and almost certainly because of the mindful meditation I did that morning.

Mindful meditation is becoming my vital, morning brew substitute. I have been more conscious of my conscious thoughts, the plethora that usually storm my head when I need to concentrate most at work.

With the little online tutorials I get from I have become more able to let background thoughts remain active and in the background where they belong not in the limelight of my mind. Not always, but definitely more often. I am not trying to block or stop thoughts but learn to let those many thoughts occur, have their moment then fade without distracting me from my current tasks. I have noted other more succesful folk don't seem to suffer a lack of focus. I do, so instead of feeling jealous I just need to fine tune myself.

While slowly, but steadily, building and resolving website code the classical music from BBC radio 3 streamed down into my ears via the wonderful wide web making me feel like I was watching a movie without requiring any thought whatsoever.

That definitely made me feel more connected to those having a leisurely day. But also by choosing a musical genre that is less popular it felt like jumping out of the manic mainstream and into a more comforting and peaceful area. With classical music there are no idolised DJs or bands it is purely about the music, it is to me anyway.

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