Just a little perfect Sunday

It was a unplanned trip to Bristol Cathedral as it seemed like the perfect opportunity to visit the amazing building on our way to the Chinese Supermarket on Denmark Street. The cathedral is close to my current home but I don't visit on my own, no real reason.

The plan was to pick up some tofu for a lentil curry and some mocha for dessert. My ex-flatmate and her 3 year old daughter were coming over to mine for lunch so I decided to let my friend who is 8 months pregnant have some rest and picked up my goddaughter for a quick trip to the shops then we would go back to mine to finish making some bread I had left to proof.

As we passed the cathedral I asked if she had been before.

'Yeah I've been before' she chirped.

'Have you been to the garden there boppie?' ( she calls me Boppie )

'No I haven't yet , I didn't know there was a garden!' I exclaimed.

'Yes there is one and I have been with my daddy'

The conversation continued about her visiting everywhere in Bristol with her Daddy :)

Inside the cathedral feels epic , organ music was playing adding some drama to the scale of the impressive architecture.

We wandered through little prayer areas over cold stone floors passing tombs adhourned with medieval writing.

After we explored a corridor just off to the right hand side that normally leads to the cafe we could hear a choir practising , it sounded beaufiful it has to be said , near them we found the entrance to the garden.

I didn't realise it was a also a cemetery.

'I have been here twice now boppie' my goddaughter said as I agreed while fumbling with my camera phone before looking up to see her climbing onto a tombstone cross.

After telling her not to we walked around the garden while she then pointed out every tombstone we came across which was a lot. Luckily she didn't ask what they were for but I would have just said something like

'They are used to help remember people'

I reckon I would have bought myself a few more years with that explanation.

The garden was really really nice though and possibly the best cemetery I have been too , although I haven't visited the spectacular looking Arnos Vale cemetery yet.

There was also herbs growing in the garden and I pointed out the large rosemary bush and the chives. My goddaughter took some of the leaves in her tiny fingers sniffing at them as she loved the smell of the fragrant herbage. I didn't think it would be wise to take any for personal usage.

After the cathedral we raced across college green, obviously I lost against the 3 year old as she was just too fast for me!

We got to the shop and bought the items I needed included some mango style ice cream mochis made from coconut milk, these were a perfect little picnic for the return journey when we found a choir was singing from the council building on college green. It was such a nice little unexpected performance and they finished with a rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody.

After we got home mum joined us and we spent a few hours cooking and watching kiddie films like Toy Story 3. We baked bread, made flapjacks and I cooked a lentil curry using the loud pressure cooker.

It was definitely a cooking day.

We ate lots of little snacks and played more , I had to spin my goddaughter around on the living room office chair and lift her off the sofa as she clings to my arm like a spider monkey.

Around 7pm and it looked like it was home time for my guests espeically since Daddy would soon be home from a weekend away.

I walked them to their building which is not far from here , we'd had a quick game and hide and seek on the way while mum had gone on ahead to get fish pie from the local shop. It was now time to say goodbye.

I lent down for a cuddle or a little peck on the cheek from the little one who lent in toward me then swung her arm round and gave me a really hard slap on the face then couldn't stop giggling hysterically. Cheeky meister.

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