Portugal - Part 1 - Lisbon

I knew so little about Portugal before going , I had been to nandos so figured I had atleast experienced the cuisine.

Portugese food is f**k all like nandos, it is much much nicer.

Lisbon is beautiful, Ok so I am no expert but generally the city I witnessed was serious eye candy. Beautiful buildings, lots of statues and elegant tiled floors with lovely old trams carting round tourists.

I travelled via the ever loving easyjet spending the last hour of flight talking to an 80+ lady about good beer and the chap to my right who said he was visiting Lisbon to play cards which somehow meant an all expenses paid trip.

Start of my holiday

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Lisbon airport was huge which my legs appreciated after those several hours sat in a small chair, the airport was quite generic so gave me no real idea of the city that lay ahead. I would have loved to have used the metro but the workers were on strike so my adventure started catching the aerobus to Rossio square.

"Obrigado" , if you speak no other portugese words then at the very least use that word which simply means thank you.

From the bus I looked out to see the foreign city, the main difference I could see with my British eyes was the calming atmosphere everywhere, people were out and about dining, there were no large groups of drunk youths or rowdy revellers, people were relaxed and most noticeable was the old people who were also out late.

I was starting to regret leaving my jacket on as the heat was building up.

When I left the bus to navigate to my hostel using an iphone app I really soaked in the magnificence of the streets.

Rua nova da trindade

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So much tiling in the city centre, Lisbon

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After a bit of a struggle I managed to find my hostel, although the city felt safe I didn't relish the idea of being stuck outside for the night.

#poetshostel such a relaxing welcoming place , definitely using them again

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I was staying at the 'Poet hostel' (32 euro for 2 nights!), an amazing place on the 5th floor of this huge building, the same one that houses cafe Brasiliera, a famous little cafe where I bought a superbock beer for 3 euros which is exceptionally high. I sat out supping my beverage buzzing from the fact I was now sitting in a foreign country. In front was a trio of buskers playing a trombone, sax and drums. It was such a lively happy place.

That night I struggled to sleep on my sturdy top bunk as the city celebrated life outside.

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