Those little stresses

Stress can find you even when things aren't all that stressful. Work has been infuriating today but not due to the usual personality clashes/office politics or looming deadline but because I have sat at my desk ripping my hair out at my laptops configuration and how every simple step to get work done has been thwarted by software faults and incompatibilities. I would have screamed if it weren't for the company and assistance of others.

Then my stress shifted to home when, after a day of I.T glitches I had to sort my machine out yet again to get more work done for a previous client , a couple of decent chaps who I've freelanced with on several occasions now, to finish off a nice little 5 day project for a pretty big Bristol site. My to-do list only contained seemingly small tasks but inevitably that handful of 5 minute jobs has stretched to several hours.

But then stress also comes from others. A Russian I recently met on holiday and someone I have been talking to a lot online, someone I care for, is suffering as life in mother Russia gets gloomy with their unsteady economy. It is hard to hear about how life is getting tough with little or know way of helping. It sucks when anyone close to you ,friend or family, is not doing all that well and you can't do much.

Recently there has been family struck down with unpleasant illness, friends stressing over jobs and the usual city strife such as dickheads trying to steal from the flats and vandalising security doors. Gah!

But to be fair, currently my life is really not all that bad. I mean those things aren't great, but it could be a whole lot worse! Thinking of Pakistan right now.

I have some interesting projects lined up , been meeting new people, my social calendar is chock full right now and am making a slow but steady return to training after a few months of decadence (sitting on my backside).

Life is just full of those little stresses, the work ones in reality are essential as they are more motivating and give me that sense of satisfaction when the job is fininshed and the feedback says 'nice job'.

Just some times you care for people and cannot help but give a kind word, which feels inadequate, but then maybe that's all they need. But whenever possible it is the best feeling to be that helping hand to others.

I am seriously thinking of giving a kiva giftcard to someone this christmas.

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