Being the landlord

After the festive period, after seeing family and friends , eating lots and drinking loads it is very easy to feel a bit delicate - physically and emotionally.

Today I felt pretty down to be honest , an apalling sleep certainly fuelled this feeling, along with detoxing from recent revellery but also my flatmate of around 10 months moved out yesterday. I think it was the trigger for a low feeling which was inevitable and unfortuntely shared by others during this time of year.

Knowing people were about the flat, just in another room, was pretty comforting even if I didn't get to see them. Having someone to share a cuppa with, sometimes cook with, sit and watch random youtube flicks with has been really nice. It hasn't helped that my goddaughter really liked this flatmate and could be coaxed (easily) from a toddler tantrum with the offer of going to see him, her little face lighting up :)

But of course people move on, am really pleased for him and his girlfriend who will be sharing a flat together and I am 100% certain after sharing a room in my pokey apartment for a few months they must be glad of the change of scene.

Actually I think the worst thing is I feel a bit down now but I will soon bounce back meaning I worry much more for future similar events of greater significance. Such is life right?

So a bit of a sad time but a necessary change that was going to happen sooner or later and a nice way for some good people to make their year start with a really nice event.

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