Cheery perceptions

My walk back from work today has been a really cheery one. I have been freelancing at a large company for the last month, the start of the week was pretty horrid full of issues and setup woes ( Visual studio setup if you are in the know ) and the end of a nice but unrealistic distance relationship.

Yesterday was possibly the worst of the week having had little sleep feeling really rather down about life and knowing that there was really nothing I could do to rectify the blue feeling until atleast the next day.

The next day came and yep I was feeling chipper. I slept OK having most likely detoxed from the weekends excesses - I have a drink problem of sorts and I know not to say I'll fight it because a 'fight' can lead to 'defeat' , rather I'll just say I'll learn to manage it.

At work I was able to crack on and liase with my colleague and start ticking things off the to-do list and watch a half decent website rise from a poorly implemented mess.

I treated myself to a nice sandwich from 'the bake house' a deli next door to the office rather than settling for the boots meal deal and got chatting to the guy serving who, it turns out, trains at the same gym as me.

Then, the walk home. It can be gloomy but today I just felt too pleasant to be glum. I did still pop into boots and found some sandwiches reduced , so purchased them for tomorrow's lunch, I had got in the way of this lady in the aisle and joked with her about such, then once paid and going to leave I was again in her way so laughingly mentioned this and opened the door for her first which made her smile.

I walked down the large hill called park street stopping to pick up a young girls wollen hat and pass it back to her receiving a nice big smile.

One of my favourite city views

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It is the same route I walk everyday but today it felt pleasant, the cold just made the lights brighter rather than made my extremities numb, women were good looking, people seemed less stressed and hurried.

As I made my way down the hill I wondered if everyone seemed in a better mood or if it was just me seeing things differently. Do you project your perception or do you feed off others. When I am down and gloomy are other people, or do I just think they are? There will be some truth in there surely but I reckon it is mostly me, in fact yep! It is all about me!

I did wonder if the same route would have been miserable if I was miserable, their was a wierd croaky voice shouting at passes by, owned by a homeless looking lady who was lunging at people. I reckon on a bad day I would have been on that side of the road about to be screamed at because, quite simple, I had a bad day. I wouldn't have been at the right time to bump into my goddaughter in the local shop, always a blessing :)

Just one of those curious things were some days it coule just be your perception and other's there is a general mood that you pick up on.

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