To box or not to box?

I've been enjoying my little boxing training once sometimes twice a week that I've done for the last year. I'll rock on over to the boxing gym in Bedminster, Bristol, struggle through the warm-up then slog some pads for the remainder of the boxing session with varying degrees of accuracy and power. As yet I haven't got into the ring in that gym and sparred as I just don't feel good enough yet.

But nothing lasts forever and that includes this happy little training routine I have become so fond of.

Recently the gym announced a white collar boxing challenge, you train religiously (at the gym) for 10 weeks then step into the ring for a 'white collar' boxing match at a 2000 seater venue.

As far as google knows white collar boxing means you wear a headguard and only box for 3 * 2 minute rounds.

Two minutes doesn't sound like a long time but then 3 minutes of skipping can feel like an eternity when you're struggling to breathe and your limbs are burning.

Now think 2 minutes of getting hit regularly and rapidly by someone good at boxing . I am not so much scared of the pain as I am the embarrassment.

Still though it is so tempting to go for this one little challenge. I don't know if I could get my fitness up in time what with my smokers past. Am also not sure if my heart arrythmia will get in the way ( doubtful ), but then it hasn't yet during training. Ihe only thing that is a definte uncertainty is where I will be working during the training period that starts in February.

But then I could still just go for it and hope I get all my work for those 10 weeks in Bristol.

It is my current dilemna!

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