The purpose and/or meaning of life

Are they the same thing the purpose and meaning of life? I mean the purpose must depend on age, sex , religion , creed, occupation, your loved ones, etc etc. Someone from another country will most probably have a different idea to me as to why we are here, someone from a different street will have a different idea!

Is it, on the base level though quite simply to survive? Is that it!? The meaning and purpose is to survive? It certainly looks that way when it comes to how our bodies have all sorts of defense menchanisms like legs, a nose, ears, all those little fleshy gifts that help us avoid danger.

But then it gets me that the prize for all our efforts to stay alive for as long as possible is to die.

OK , I know I have to accept it , but it can sometimes seem a little abrupt. And then to think that is it , that there is nothing more can feel a bit shortminded of who or what created us, just seems like a massive design flaw. Maybe the budget ran out too early on operation mankind , lack of planning that sort of thing.

But then I have imagined an eternal life and that scares me as I think I wouldn't have the evergy to go on forever. I just can't help linking a possible afterlife to this physical one where we can and (hopefully) invetitably grow tired and old.

Cheery cheery!

Anyways it was just something I pondered tonite as I strolled the harbourside, just one of those things I may never know and something I confidently imagine is best not to know about than be dissappointed with a mundane truth.

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