Budapest - Part 2

So there I sat in a six seater taxi hurtling down the wrong side of the road toward the city center.

I felt a bit of a tool sat in that large taxi all to myself, but hey ho. The taxi driver seemed decent enough, spoke good English which was great since my Hungarian was (still is!) seriously lacking. I watched with some concern as cars in the opposite lanes drove in the same direction and wondered if we were indeed driving down the wrong side of the dual carriageway, but no oncoming traffic beeped us, so I figured I was in relatively safe hands although the taxi driver did make a skype call on an ipad while we sped along which was a teenie bit worrying.

I watched the city appear around us and tried to get a sense of the country I was now in, but I couldn't really get much from what I saw, except it was a relatively quiet place with large old buildings.

We arrived at the hostel on Csengary utca ( chen gerry ootsah ) about 20 minutes later. I paid my 8000 forints ( about 30 euros , expensive but it was midnight and I didn't know if I could trust the public transport to be running) then stood at the large doorway having a quick vape to calm my nerves in an extremely quiet street.

I prodded at the keypad next to the large thick wooden door with little success. I had typed in '12' but couldn't find the enter button , then it started ringing automatically and a voice piped up in English.

'Hello hostel'

'Hey this is [insert name here] , am booked to stay here tonite' I chimed up cheerfully.

'Cool , come up we are on the second floor'

The place was huge! There was a courtyard ahead of me and a large wide stairway, could easily walk 4 people up together shouder to shoulder. The flats to each door were gated and looked pretty secure, it did make me wonder what this place was going to be like crime wise but I'd heard many times it's a really safe city, just at that point it didn't look it.

As I walked up the darkened stairway I hit what I thought was the light switch and inadvertendly rang someones doorbell, luckily no one responded as I didn't really want to have to apologise to an irate tired Hungarian.

I got let into the second secure door, walked along a little balcony that looked out over the other apartments, delipidated but charming, then found myself inside the hostel.

Courtyard area where the hostel is #budapest

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The multipass hostel is in an apartment and is pretty damn big, especially by English standards. There was certainly no worries when it came to headspace as you could easily fit another floor in that place if you wanted. There was all sorts of movie logos and posters dotted around the place which oozed personality with each room setup against a cool movie theme. I won't tell you which ones , as I don't want to ruin the surprise if you stay there (which I highly recommend).

I chatted with the hostel night staffer for a while and got dozens of tips on shops, bars and other places I should visit which he marked on a map for me. Only having been in the city for 30 minutes I was already getting a warm , friendly and informative welcoming.

My room that night was nice but a bit wierd for me as it was clearly furnished for a couple with a mock four poster style bed. I spent a while trying to lock my door and was concerned to find it didn't, at that point I felt some concern as I had brought my laptop with me to try and get some work done. Since my laptop is my livelihood I was not feeling great about leaving it in a room that didn't lock, even when I was in the room. I slept with the laptop by my side that night, looking like a proper geeky romantic feeling restless as I struggled to relax after travelling , still quite hungover, but very glad I had made my trip espeically as I had left my journey to Bristol airport with only 10 minutes until the gate closure.

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