Budapest - Part 4

The bouncers were huge, there was a lot of them and they weren't letting us into their bar. We were a mixed group, mostly women just two of us guys, was this a racial thing?

There was conversation going on between our bar tour guide and the mean looking doormen, it was all in Hungarian so we had no idea what was going on, the rest of us had to stand around ignorant to the issue. After several minutes we were let in but I felt a little uneasy as to whatever agreement our hostel bar tour guide had made to get us entry.

'They wanted us to enter the club via the cloak room, apparently some new police law, your not allowed your jacket in there' the hostel bar tour guide told me wrinkling his face clearly not convinced with the bouncer supplied explanation.

It did sound like a way to siphon more cash from punters, either way we were in the ruin bar 'Instant', my first Budapest ruin bar, and it was f**king cool.

I looked around and saw external brick walls, bohemian furniture, realised I was tripping over street kurb inside this place, strange and cool artwork covering every possible head turn with one of the most memorable of these the hares hanging in what I figured was the main room.

After that we got lost, then we decided on an outside bar with a huge murial of E.T and some seating in the large picnic tabled area inside a boat, then it was onto the bigger and even more eclectic 'Instant' ruin bar before finishing in a fairly regular looking place where we quaffed a shot each and one more beer. My thirsty liver led me to order myself one more beer from a barmaid with a really venemous stare, but hey ho , she got no tip.

Ruin bar stairway #budapest

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When we found out the downstairs was a nightclub with a dancefloor me and an Italian girl also from the hostel sped down the stairs to throw some shapes to some uber cheesy tunes including chubby checker! As we danced drunk English men would come join us in our drunken shape shifting, was a cool end to the bar tour.

Having lost a few members who opted for an earlier night we went back to the main Boulevard for a kebab, where I ended up ordering twice due to a disgruntled female annoyed with my lack of Hungarian. The falafel I ordered was pretty good but not quite up there with the namesake's served in Bristol.

It was 4am, sat out on some of those lightweight chairs as people walked by in noticeably better condition than their UK equivalents we discussed the surly and rude service you can encounter in Budapest. It's just one of those things. Before my trip a friend who lived in the city for a year advised me that people serving in places like kebab shops and bars (not all of course) aren't paid all that well so aren't going to be all that friendly. Persaonlly I would say just expect it, but also expect to meet really friendly people as well.....bit like England really!

Back at the hostel we had a quick cup of tea and heard a ghoulish story , from our bar guide, of couples getting intimate on a tube train. The combination of drink, early hours and having to whisper made the story so much funnier:

' I was waiting for a train, as it pulled up, I saw an ass '

I guess you had to be there!

My night ended feeling in good spirits after seeing more of the city, hanging out with interesting and decent people and quite simply having a laugh.

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