Quitting the vapouriser

I type this post with my trusty vapouriser resting on my leg. It is a premium product, allowing me to choose from an extensive range of flavoured liquids including strawberry mint and very berry all available in clear plastic bottles with a helpful tube to make application of the fluid a breeze. Each bottle also has a skull and cross bones on it and states that the liquid is 'extremely toxic when in contact with the skin'.

Apparently it is fine to breath it in though.

It's been a great device to fight off the temptation to smoke cigarettes when I indulge in a little liquid bread, that temptation is still strong even after many years of quitting. Once I've had a beer I will be running to the nearest shop to part with a full note for 20 cigarettes. But not if I have a trusty vapouriser to hand.

The device's battery life doesn't last too long and it is usual during a night of revellery I'll acquire a pack of cigarettes, but every cigarette unsmoked is still a small victory.

Problem is I've found that over the last few months my vaping has increased to the point where I vape more now than I would smoke, it can be constant and because it is not so dangerous some of my client workplaces tolerate it.

So is is safe?

I really don't know, of course as I am only a blogger. I would say a lot of positive press I've read has been compiled by e-cigarette retailers who I believe don't know the answer themselves. They assume because their liquids contain simple ingredients such as vegetable oil it will be fine, but how do they know what happens when you overheat that liquid? It feels to me like they are making ill educated assumptions.

It also appears medical science is still yet to nail how safe/dangerous the products are but recent studies have been gloomy.

Anyways , here is the good:
There's no evidence e-cigarettes are as harmful as smoking

and the bad:
E-cigarettes 'may harm the lungs and immune system'

So now from those to my own experience.

After vaping heavily after a night of drinking I will have a very noticeable and practically comical wheeze.

As a guy nicotine also affects blood flow aaaand , well you know, it's a big negative!

I don't much like the headaches I get. Nor do I appreciate the vivid dreams and poor sleep I'm suffering.

A quick google brings out results that suggest nicotine is not conducive to a good night sleep ( http://www.nhs.uk/news/2012/09September/Pages/Smoking-may-make-your-sleep-suffer.aspx ) and sleep is one of the most important things we can do.

I have also found that on days I vape I struggle more with cardio work-outs. At boxing fitness training I struggle more through the warm-up and don't feel I am really pushing through the session on full steam.

The headaches are bad , sometimes becoming presssure at the back of my skull behind the ears, certainly not a pleasant experience. That cannot be normal so why bother I ask myself.

When I stop vaping my head feels clearer, my sleep improves and with quality slumber comes a whole range of benefits such as better mood and concentration.

This could well be a personal thing and other e-cig users won't suffer these same issues, but now I am thinking it's time to really cut back on the vaping , keeping it in the cupboard until I fancy a booze up with buddies. Daily usage is cutting into my time in so many ways, I can't see the point any longer.

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