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'Just Ground' (facebook page here) is a cool little coffee kiosk (with outdoor seating) on St Augustines parade, Bristol. It has been there for years and is currently a little bruised after having it's visibility marred by nearby city renevations.

I awoke at around 7am to the sound of builders having a pre-work conversation and for some reason some pre-work hammering as well , pr*cks! Because it was brief I lost the motivation to make a note and report it to the council instead checking my phone, responding to a few texts from the night then stealing another 5 minutes kip.

8am is when the builders can begin making some serious noise so I got out of bed twenty minutes later to do a 15 minute mindful meditation session using an app on my iphone.

After my little mental retreat I felt inspired and motivated to go out and start my day, I'd visited 'Just Ground' a couple times before and I know they do a fine brew so I headed out becoming part of the 8am crowd.

On the brisk walk down to my chosen coffee seller of this particular morning there was a slight chill in the air, it helped me pick up my pace and a nice little reminder that Jack frost is a comin'.

I got myself a decaff latte, there were already two people waiting, couple people seated sipping and reading. The seating does look a little odd if you were being critical as it's all facing an ugly construction barrier. To be fair though it's either that or it would be facing traffic or right back at the kiosk which would be a bit wierd and there is a nice blossomed tree before the blue barrier that's been recently erected. I couldn't work out what the fruits of the tree were but they looked round and a little spikey if you were curious.

Morning rush hour nicely fenced off #justground

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The kiosk is pretty cool, the people serving are friendly and my drink took a reassuring few minutes to prepare. They had loads of leaflets on the counter top on local art trails and exhibitions, I didn't really look at the snacks on offer but I should have done to be able to mention it here and of course, to try them for myself.

I sat down with my warming cup to get a feel for the place, the coffee was nice , rich smooth flavours supped up through the dairy foam, just enough bitterness to help create some complex notes but not make me wince.

I took in the surrounds. The chill was quite nice, when I'm out in lowered temperatures I get a false sense of satisfation I've achieved something from enduring the cold. I also quite like winter as it can make many more parts of the city more inviting.

On either side of me was the morning traffic which added to my calming coffee experience sat in a relatively noisy place people watching.

I sat and tried to feel motivated and inspired but truth be told I couldn't feel it, I just felt pleasantly relaxed as the city kicked into gear around me. I even got to catch up with an old friend as she walked past me on her way to work.

My decaff latte cost 2.40 and they seem to do quite a few drinks around that price including a chilli hot chocolate which am holding off getting until it's properly cold and dark but I cannot give a reasonable justification for this.

While ordering at the counter there was a piece of paper on the counter asking what peoples favourite music currently is. It's those little touches that I really appreciate about traders like 'Just Ground'.

What is your favourite song at the moment #justground

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