I wrote a book!

Writing a book has been a childhood dream of mine ever since I began attempting to recreate those fighting fantasy novels with very little success as a pre-teen.

I must say I've found it pretty tough going from idea to inception on my adult attempt at becoming a writer, spending many late-night hours working on a story that at times I doubted, not knowing if anyone would like it. But that's one of those hurdles you have to face, what if no-one does like it? It will suck for sure, but I still have to try! I feel fear of failure stops many dreams from happening.

So I am taking the plunge and self-published a little piece of fiction I have been working on, it might not be the best route to take but it's a start if nothing else.

I have already attempted the traditional publishing route applying to (only) around 20 publishers but the rejections and the knowledge that they don't actually market your book for you made me think self-publishing would be more fun, it is going to be a similar amount of effort anyway!

My little project has been three years in the writing, OK I've not been constantly working on it but have most certainly put in the hours now at one point writing over 130,000 words which I've since started to prune back now I no longer need to meet a specific publishers minimum word count.

Three years back I lay on my bed in the dark feeling naff, it was winter outside on a Sunday evening and I really didn't want to go to work the following morning. I hated my job. With that negative energy I just felt immensely motivated to give book writing a try, to attempt my childhood dream after a massive break from writing.

I decided to make the book a little mini series, offering out the first part to see if people might actually be interested in the story, the intention is to make sure all the parts combined cost the same as the book would in its entirety. The decision to split the book up was also the desire to get something out there in the big scary web world while me and my friend , who is proofreading and editing, get the final sections of the book completed.

Anyway, enough waffle! Hopefully you are interested, but still need convincing (if not you can get part 1 here) , therefore I offer up the first couple paragraphs from Part 1 of my little tale entitled - 'Penned In'

"Work had been a real struggle; that last call he’d taken had been unnecessarily harsh. He wasn’t directly responsible for the IT system that had failed but the irate team manager on the other end of the line had lambasted him as if he was. He had remained professional and polite to keep his job but customers like her seriously damaged the incentive to remain employed. His negative thoughts grew.

'You live with your parents still! You’re not moving on in your job, your crappy, crappy job and you lost a beautiful relationship. YOU messed it up royally and now she won’t speak to you. She was the one you know! Worse you cannot even get out of this thinking to talk to that cute girl in the cafe, the one with the beautiful hazel eyes. You’re losing at life, mate, you really are.'

Such miserable thinking was best resolved with a short nap. It was only 6pm but he felt knackered. Stale adrenaline kept jolting him awake but the slumber was inevitable and several minutes later he was asleep in the safety of his room in his parent's house. He was lying on his bed over the duvet while being watched by something in the same room near the foot of his bed.

Steve started to snore.

Dreams are wondrous, aren't they? You can be taken from your bed to anywhere in this world, or any other you care to imagine. Limited only by a limitless imagination. They are a point in time when our actions have little consequence.

Steve dreamt about work.

When he woke up he had an unpleasant sweaty feeling from falling asleep fully clothed. It was completely dark which was disorientating and he was struggling to focus on a familiar piece of the room. There was some strange noise going on around him but he thought that was just the central heating making a racket. Things seemed unusual. After a couple of minutes his eyes appeared to be working and this place really didn't look like the room he fell asleep in. Did he wake up and move somewhere else? This was a different room in the house, right? He found his mind starting to race and yet stalled at the memory of where he fell asleep. Wherever he was now was not right. Really not right at all.

Steve was really starting to panic. He was not lying down but was seated and not on his own bed. Now he was sat somewhere unknown on a piece of furniture his body was not accustomed to. Somewhere nearby was this loud roar of a noise which wasn’t helping the unsettling pressure that was growing within his head. His heart was racing, he felt dizzy and sick as adrenaline started to course through his veins. Was this the descent into madness or a stroke! Oh good God, he did not want it to be a stroke.

Then light hit his eyes and the shock made his shoulders go rigid. His chest lit up as his heart went into overdrive. The shock surged through his body pinning him into the chair in which he now knew he was sat. A multitude of thoughts raced through his mind while he scanned for familiarity and any immediate threat.

He was seated in a train. It was the carriage of a train.

This helped calm him, as there were much worse places to find yourself and at least this place was cushioned. Still dazed, he tried to establish why he might be there. Had he taken something before sleep which had affected his memory recall? Why was he here? Maybe he was forgetting some recent trip he’d planned. Maybe he was now heading to visit some old friends he’d tried and failed to keep regular contact with. Maybe having made plans with them one drunken night. That made more sense, although wasn’t this a weeknight and who had he last spoken to that lived a train journey away?

The carriage was empty, save for himself, and was impeccably clean.

Peering out the window he could see the train travelling along a huge truss arch bridge arcing to the left. There was no sign of the ground below, just a thick mist. It was celestial. Maybe this was Switzerland, he thought. That had looked pretty fairytale-like in the online brochures he had once glanced through.

Then things took a startling turn....."

Got to end on a slight cliffhanger!

To get Part 1 of 'Penned in' please click here

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