Beatroot cafe and codehub #cafexcursion

Years back at Beatroot cafe there was a guy serving who called people 'big boy' and would get really tetchy if you used a mobile phone at the counter. He also made really generous feta cheese and olive sandwiches and could cook up a good brew. It was a decent cafe back then and it still is now.

The layout hasn't changed too much although there is a really lovely rustic wooden counter I don't recall from my previous visits, this tops a couple shelves of nice looking food looking all enticing.

Booked on a coding meetup via I was prompt arriving at 9:55 for a 10am start. No one else was present so I figured I'd be coding alone. My latté was strong, really strong, nice roasted bitter flavors that made me crave some buttered burnt toast or Sunday roast potatoes, blitzed in a smoldering hot oven slathered in rich thick umami packed gravy.

I love the fact the cutlery sits in empty marmite jars (yeah me loves it) and that to the right of my table they've kept the cosy little seated alcove.

Alcove or not it felt really quite cosy in the ground floor area with the nice 'coffee cafe' appropriate tunes allowing a nice mood and personal thoughts to calmly drift. My nice mood had actually started prior having walked to the beatroot via the historic little gem 'Christmas steps'.

Feeling that little bit wintry on a November morning Beatroot cafe has a nice airy feel with a lot of wood around the place in the furniture and flooring, making it feel that little bit more homely. A nice winter retreat without being so toasty you'd dread venturing back out into the cold.

Other meetup group members started to appear and headed upstairs so I quickly followed, introducing myself, to then sit at a huge table with my coffee and a bunch of friendly strangers all equipped with laptops.

The food looks amazing from the cakes and quiches at the counter to the plates being taken to tables. It looks freshly homemade and healthy. Other group members certainly liked the gluten free passion fruit cake.

Three hours I spent in a nice little cafe oiling my mental cogs with a few brain teaser tasks in the company of similarly motivated folk. There was something very comforting about sitting upstairs from the conversation of a reassuringly steady stream of customers and the subsequent blast from coffee machine steamers as their drinks were topped with milky froth.

I left feeling pleasantly inspired having combined work and socializing, such a thing feels important as a freelancer. Getting out the house is essential at the moment as I work from home quite a lot and it is these times I can fall into bad habits and cultivate a nice big dose of cabin fever.

Hopefully there will be another meetup group held at the same venue as it is perfect to sit and get work done. It isn't the watershed but it is just that little bit more relaxing.

Regardless of a repeat meetup am going to go again next week just to hide away and do work for an hour or so, seems acceptable for the price of a latté, obviously to extend my stay I may have to try some of their nice looking food :)

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