Wok to walk

The day had been mixed. My morning stroll had led to a hefty soaking as the heavens opened. My hands had actually hurt from the biting cold on my little Friday morn wander. Winter was definitely upon me!

The thought of a warm centrally heated flat kept me out in the rain (I work from home but go out for a morning stroll to give myself a connection to the rest of the working world ) so I could surround myself with creatures comforts such as a piping hot brew and some toasty radiators.

Once home though my dreams were dashed by a weird error on my boiler's digital panel and its refusal to fire up no matter how much I fiddled blindly to do something obvious like up the pressure.

I didn't want to procrastinate so I got out the manual to decipher the displayed error code. The boiler must have seen this as it suddenly kicked back in. It was a bit spooky timing-wise but I was thankful. Methinks a boiler inspection and a subsequent repair bill is on the cards.

Aside from the cold, I'd been setting traps since the flat is now suffering from an annoying bout of fruit fly infestation. I reckon it's from a bag of Wilkos potting soil but that's pure speculation. I then sent out a few emails and began sipping salted caramel green tea ( it's pretty good! ) while watching a techie tutorial for some mobile app development ... and, of course, taking out 5 minutes to start writing this post!

It is 10:04am. It has not been a bad start to the day and I am looking forward to lunch with my ex-flatmate at Wok to Walk.

The weather was pretty dismal when we met up at the top of Park Street so we hot-footed it downward to Wok to Walk in the drizzle. I thought it was at the top of the street but must have been confusing it with that new gelato place.

Once there, I ordered egg noodles, chicken / shrimp with a peanut topping and the 'hot asian' sauce, from a busy looking member of staff. Nearby, two guys wrestled with kitchenware near industrial gas grills while flames leapt up around the base of a blackened wok. The open kitchen setup looked good. In fact, the cooking greets you before the tills do.

The place is spacious and has that all-fashionable huge exposed extractor flue above your head and loads of shelving that looks like it has typically Asian bottled condiments on it.

It was reassuringly busy. The queue tripled behind us mostly with young Asians which doesn't necessarily mean good things as they might not be repeat customers, but it did instill some confidence.

It was the confidence I needed when parting with 8 pounds for my lunch. That is around double what am comfortable paying, but I thought I'd treat myself after a relatively busy week of work, networking, and having to cancel one of my bank cards after noticing some fraudulent transactions.

Our food pots arrived and they looked a little smaller than some people's, but they were heavy in weight. The food was piping hot and really, really tasty.

My noodles were slick from a nice coating of oil that was not too greasy. It had that beautifully smoky flavour from a well-seasoned wok along with cooking sherry, sesame oil, soy sauce, and caramelized spring onions. The hot asian sauce definitely had a kick to it. There were nicely-cooked, healthy-sized chunks of chicken and an ample amount of prawns topped off with crushed peanuts mixed in with the noodles and it was all so good. Steam billowed out of the packaging, obviously freshly cooked which you wouldn't doubt. I reckon I could have walked home 20 minutes away with my noodle box and it would still be at a comfortable temperature.


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We were both in agreement that it was a good place. With definitely a repeat visit in mind, we headed up Whiteladies Road to conclude our lunchtime catch-up with a coffee at Brew. I really don't think the strong oils from coffee go well with the aftertastes from a spicy Asian noodle dish. They just aren't compatible and are quite unpleasant to be honest.

It was a good little catch-up covering work, a recent tedX talk held at Colston Street , training, some mild geek stuff and all that with nice food and a good but regrettable coffee.

Wok to walk, I'm definitely going to revisit but a coffee afterwards? Definitely not!

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