Problem with supermarkets problem with independents

Living in the middle of Bristol means the majority of my shopping is done at either a Tesco metro or Sainsburys. Up until recently it was also a Morrison's although that has now become a more expensive local (right next to a cheaper Tesco, go figure).

If I have the energy it'll be a trip to Bedminster Asda but where I should really be investing my efforts is on places like Gloucester Road to support more independents and local traders. Obviously places like Harts bakery, Southville Deli, Source food cafe and the many similar places should also receive a mention and my money on a more regular basis.

At least for my lunches on a normal work day, I can head somewhere like St Nic's. If I don't want to splash out on a pulled pork bun from Grillstock, a jam packed lunchbox full of falafel and salad or one of those amazing Kurdish wraps from Matina I can grab a nice wholesome sandwich or a pasty from a counter-top supplier just inside the St Nic indoor market area.

The lady who serves me always seems to give me a wry smile. I gather this wryness is probably caused by how I come across, although it is now a chicken and egg situation as I am not sure if I act a bit funny as she (most likely!!) started it!

But this is where supermarkets can win over. With the emergence of the self service till you don't have to engage with anyone. You don't have to risk ruining your good vibe dealing with some tetchy/depressed/arrogant member of staff who can leave you with a bad taste in your mouth even if their edible wares are of high quality.

I am not saying that lady was that bad. She was just a mild example, by the way. Please do buy from her if you know who I am talking about. Her food is really good and fairly priced.

Does get me wondering how many people might go to the supermarket over an independent for the familiarity of the product but more importantly avoidance of human interaction at the tills?

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