So many colds - vaping?

Ears aching, throat sore, dry, chest heavy, leg bone chills, head dull, front of head pressure, dreams unsympathetic, sleep marred. Yet again I am sitting at home recovering from a cold and it seems this is one of a many I've had recently.

Am sure I've been more ill recently than normal , why?

Could just be the time of year....but I really don't buy into that.

I reckon hanging out with my friend who has toddlers is one factor in picking up illnesses as kids do seem to pick up plenty of grobblies. Also living in a city will give greater exposure to bugs and viruses especially training a couple weeks back with someone who said they'd been ill all that week, explained why he looked so pale and had to stop training at regular periods as his head was spinning, otherwise though he looked fine!

I haven't started properly recording my cold occurrences yet but I am going to start doing so to see if they coincide with nights out when my trusty vaporizer comes out and I puff away gleefully.

Having too much nicotine of a night gives me a sore head - for a couple days anyways. I know that and it can and does personally heighten anxiety levels, this then impacts my sleep which no doubt has a knock-on effect for health.

Actually before I promise myself I'll stop vaping , which is probably not the most realistic thing to aim for, it might be worth considering lowering the nicotine in the liquids I buy. Going from periods of abstinence up to 18mg might be a bit too much. Maybe lowering down to 3mg might help lower the risk of a dreary feeling those few days after being a giddy night owl.

I haven't touched a drop of alcohol in seven days or vaporized any liquids and I am starting to recover from my cold, with it comes the ever increasing motivations to do more with life. Having been cooped up at home for days I want to get back down the gym, start those park runs, get out and about in the city, build those apps I've thought of, tidy the kitchen....steady there!

In fact I am pretty convinced no drinks for me until Christmas eve/day would be worthwhile. Can't see any dis-advantages at the moment.

Curious if anyone else finds that their health is compromised on a regular basis around the same time they drink and smoke?

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