Weekend end , four feet becomes two and wheat intelorance

Sunday evening is upon me and am feeling that all to familiar 'flat' feeling after a lovely couple days.

The weekends been spent with my girlfriend 'the' reason why it has been so lovely. A relaxing time appreciating each other company, nothing racy just timeout from busy weeks. Two days relaxing doing wholesome things like drinking nice decaff while doing work in the day, snuggled up on the sofa watching TV in the evening, going for strolls ( in this way too mild December weather ) followed by a strong beverage and a shared slice of praline dark chocolate brownie at a local cafe before onward to the local wilkinsons to buy a Christmas tree now sat in my living room looking healthier than it did all wrapped up in the store and way more festive.

And now with some baubles (plus less light)

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There was also some cooking done this weekend resulting in flavored cashews ( just roast then mix with lime juice, salt and paprika ) , gluten free macaroni cheese and some rather adventurous sweet potato and chocolate brownies.

The macaroni cheese was pretty dull, who'd have thought a large block of cheese on supermarket offer at 50% off would be of sub par quality! The brownies were also sadly dull, I followed a recipe by Ella WoodWard but didn't have maple syrup instead using golden. I think the viscosity didn't allow for the sweetness to mix well throughout the batter. I now have lots of chunks of mild pureed chocolaty sweet potato.

Mild as those dishes were it was just down to my own mistakes in my use of ingredients so I don't have to write those dishes off just yet. I do need to add them to a new required list of 'wheat free' eats.

The last two weeks I've been a bit ill ( to much mirth and merriment by girly who says my nose was merely blocked ) with a pretty naff cold and lots of stomach cramps.

It seems the cramps were totally separate.

I have said this before but bread is not all that good for me, those stomach cramps after most meals and late at nights were definitely worth actively seeking to quell as they were really unpleasant and after two days without wheat they are almost gone. Just two days to stop two weeks of discomfort!

Am certainly no Celiac but certain I have a wheat intolerance.

Assuming I am correct (and two days of diet change certainly adds weight to the theory) I will have to change my eating habits.

I went to the shops earlier, right after seeing my gf off. I needed something to help with the transition of having her here then not here. So I popped to one of the local little megamarket metros and found myself bypassing all the familiar aisles, sandwiches/pizza/ready meals and going straight to the frozen section where I know they have some gluten free ready meals. Sooo pricey! Seriously now!

I did like ignoring all those regular aisles though, felt more focused and less dilly dallying around as I do my usual mental wrestle over things I might but most certainly won't purchase.

I already miss having the g/f to cosey upto / talk too and just be in the company of. It was only two days but it just feels so normal and nice. It'll be another 5 days or so but she is well worth waiting the weekdays for. You have to take the rough with the smooth and this down feeling is worth the nice feeling I get from her and from being with her :)

GF also accommodates my new dietary requirements which is a bit of a bonus.

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