Palm oil takes the biscuit

'Want to come over for a cup of tea'

'Cool k, want anything from the shop?'


The facetime conversation is over and I head to my friends to pick up some biscuits on the way.

In the tesco express I check for any reduced cakes, none! Then I check the other special offers, mostly chocolate bars and some belvita biscuits but they really aren't suitable for a tea break. Round the corner I check out the biscuit section, must be about 20 or 30 different biscuits, pretty much all of them familiar brands some dating back to my childhood.

Something I do try and give some thought too these days is palm oil/fat. If the online pressure groups are to be believed palm oil really is a dangerous ingredient helping destroy vast amount of rain forest which just cannot be a good thing.

Much as I love biscuits I really don't want to be the cause of sad Orangutans. As importantly when it comes to deforestation we are actually tinkering with our global air supply, could biscuits become the new smoking?

I've also read suggestion that palm oil is not heart healthy! So why on earth has it suddenly been allowed into the majority of our processed foods? Cheap isn't it.

I searched all the biscuits in the aisle from fig rolls, custard creams , digestives and the rest. Every single one contained palm oil. There was no exception, every single one from various different suppliers contained the bad fat.

I can't sit around feeling concerned about deforestation and hope something will change, I have to also stand by my concern and avoid any product that contains palm oil. It is just surprising how many products do so!

Basically , in a nutshell ( and a plethora of other foods ) if it contains palm oil there is a 99% likelihood I'll be ignoring the product to keep my heart, the planet and my conscience clean.

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