First jog of 2016

I'd downloaded an app to help push my training along, the training that I've been meaning to do for the last three years! It's called 0-5k, and within eight weeks it'll get me running 5k effortlessly, hopefully.

I want to run when there aren't too many people around, but then I've seen enough people jogging in various states of health and that is what I am conscious of, people seeing me jog-by slower than I can walk panting like an overheated canine. But I know people don't care about you as much as you do.

Still, I wanted to get my jog done early enough in the day so I woke up at a reasonable 8:30 Sunday morning, for me early since I've been sleeping very badly of late working unsociable hours. Donning my trackie bottoms, a flimsy cheapo t-shirt then an actual runners top, I fired up the app and ate some oat biscuits so I didn't worry I'd not fueled the old heart, then headed out.

Grey clouds promised future rain but it was so mild out, a real blessing after the weeks prior with shockingly cold weather, I felt comfortable to be out and about and pleased with myself for leaving the flat to do this.

The app helped me run the 6 x 1 minute bouts with 1.5 minutes walking in between. Might not sound like much but was just enough for me and a vast improvement on my usual 'run for 2 minutes continuously then crawl home', the gaps aiding training rather than hindering it.

I found myself running around the track in Queen Square thankful for the large trees that offer some privacy. I kept running to make it through the app workout and, without sounding negative I wanted to forget recent things, work stresses, my issues still in my mind but the volume on them fading. Around the fourth run I started to feel a cramp in my shoulder, my breathing became more strained but this wasn't a serious feeling, I've felt much worse when donning a pair of boxing gloves. This was a walk in the park, as it were.

After the run was over I walked home feeling a little smug hoping to see some drunks (non-homeless drunks) out and about so I could internally feel self-righteous. I didn't feel elated from a massive endorphin rush, but clear headed, those stresses were still there but now they had taken a back seat.

For the rest of the day I felt good, calmer, more at peace and motivated to embark on the full training offered by the app to progress and become a sufficient jogger. I was hoping to be able to cover distances which take me to more scenic areas, giving me the confidence to go out when I want, able to run and forget any issues; running so fast they cannot keep up with me, gain the confidence to run with others, train with friends and running groups. I went on to have a great day attending a little cafe writing group and cooking lunch with a friend. I decided Tuesday would be a good time to get my next session under my belt.

TUESDAY: woke up, looked out the window "Naaa f*ck, it's raining. I'll go jogging tomorrow".

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