It has been too long

I've been away from blogging for some time. It’s seriously been too long and I need to get back into this pleasing past-time.

There might be no one out there, right now, reading my arrangement of words, but did anyone read Doogie Howser's diary entries (save for the mass of TV viewers)? It didn't stop him.

It'll be nice to slowly build up a readership, share life, and hopefully inspire or more desirably entertain readers. Maybe this is an old post and you are now reading backward from present day posts, getting your fix. One can dream.

So life has been rather colourful of late. Some things have not changed at all, some have regressed, and other areas of life have got way more interesting.

Still not ticking those items off my to-do list fast enough but wouldn't the greatest tragedy be having no more dreams or goals? How depressing to tick that final box and realise you had nothing more to aim for. It might be great temporarily, as you felt an overwhelming sense of satisfaction, but then the 'dull' would creep in.

2016 has been terrible in many respects. We've lost a lot of cherished artists and actors, some extremely unpleasant conflicts are still at play, and Brexit!

Life is so much more uncertain in the UK. We held a referendum, the remain camp lost, and no one really knows what will happen next. I voted remain. I don't really need to go into the reasons and I was actually a little gutted we lost, but it has happened and I am going to wait with baited breath on what is coming next and embrace the change as best as possible. It could be amazing. It will be tough. It is a reset on this country and it has to be seen as a positive while we all watch and review those Tory twats so they don't dismantle this country too much for their own gains.

Personally I blame Cameron for holding the referendum in the first place and hoping to leave his post with another ill-gained victory. At least now, a proportion of the population feel like they've done something. They’ve been listened to finally.

But I also think we were all lied too - on both sides - and if I was a leave voter, I would be pretty ticked off that the three core positives for leaving the EU aren't likely achievable.

Of course, the uncertainty must end for the millions of EU citizens who are already here working hard, making significant and valuable contributions to our society. They must, without question, stay.

I think it is more important to remain strong and try to remain positive at this time. Effectively, it is the collective attitude that can push a country forward. Might as well start with the self.

Luckily my local library is still open and from said magnificent building I acquired the Dummies Guide to NLP. I know I've written about NLP before. I said I was studying NLP but that initial momentum from back then, sadly, faded. Leafing through the thick wad of text now, I'm really glad to be revisiting this core set of beliefs.

Some of the points raised within the book are simply wonderful. My favourite, and the first block of wisdom that really hit home with its simplicity, was that if you look for problems, trying to work out the cause and reason, then you'll only find problems. But look for solutions and you'll find solutions. It is really that simple.

From there it is the guidance on reaching your goals, the main emphasis on remaining positive. Don't say, 'I don't want to be fat and slothenly' instead say 'I want to be really fit/active and enjoy life with a fresh and positive outlook'. It is pretty much what Baloo was saying in Disney's Jungle Book (do I owe them money for mentioning the film!?).

OK so any NLP practitioners will be furious with my blase summation; effectively this is a glancing blow. I haven't read enough of the book or worked on the exercises as much as I need to yet to write in details. Emphasis on the word 'yet'.

I see NLP as definitely part of my Brexit self’s future.

Stay positive and with that many things start to fall into place. I am training more, I’ve started running regularly, have taken up yoga, been going to more music gigs and festivals, I started watching Game of Thrones, finally! (A friend and I are nearly onto season four after just four weeks), but most importantly, leaving behind hurtful things, recent events that weren't all that pleasant.

I wasn't sure what I was going to write about so this is my usual dis-jointed post. That’s my style though. This general rambling is my first entry back into something I love and have always loved, even more than that first cool refreshing sip of beer or flipping the pillow to treat myself to a minute resting my head on the cool side.

Hopefully catch you back here soon.

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