Pinkman's pizza

I still can't help but think of Pinky and the Brain when I read the name Pinkman's. Not sure what their global ambitions are but if their plans involve foot soldiers fed on their pizza am sorely tempted to pledge my allegiance.

Tuesday night, we headed to Pinkman's to fulfil a recent personal pledge to take advantage of their late opening hours. Do you ever feel frustrated with yourself when plans unravel too easily? Tonight's visit was honouring a promise to myself and my companion, of course (me first though).

As you walk into the seated dining section you pass a big selection of baked goods. My eyes fixated on a batch of plump sausage rolls looking set to burst out of their flaky pastry. I couldn't easily avert my gaze for fear of losing this temptress's affections.


You also pass a stairway that is impassable due to a beautiful selection of some extremely healthy looking plants, an arrangement that yells vitality and gives you assurance that Pinkman's people like to focus on the finer details.

It turns out that on Tuesday's there's an offer of pizza and a drink for eight pounds, which pretty much makes the drink free. I went for an iced coffee and girlie went for homemade lemonade but beer and wine are permissible.

Girlfriend ordered the chicken and chorizo pizza and I went for the putanesca.

Oh my life @pinkmansbakery pizza are really REALLY good

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The drinks were certainly refreshing; the lemonade with a nice citrus punch and a real zing with a fair whack of mint leaves. My iced coffee was nice, had a depth of flavour but got a bit too bitter towards the end; not sure if I should have stirred it more.

The ingredients were really fresh. The tomatoes on mine were so nice and hardly tampered with, a few capers perfectly dotted around with slithers of anchovy that had that perfect chew while tasting of a cleansed ocean. The base was chewy, so chewy that it could be eaten alone which I think is the base rule of pizza; cheese-wise, enough for flavour rather than a thick gelatinous yellow carpet, which can be good, but not when the other ingredients matter.

Girlfriend's pizza was equally moreish with really nice slow cooked hunks of chicken and some really nice clean slices of chorizo which had some beautiful charring from the wood ovens scorch, which had also licked at some of the pizza rim. It left a beautiful flavour that made you glad to be alive and able to taste.

It was wood smoked. It was everything you'd hope for from a pizza and inspired conversation on life improvement, future activities and travel, all while sat in a nice little place just at the top of Park Street.

That night we slept well. Nice food led to making plans for future excursions and feeling more motivated to kick start a few hobbies. The next day I went to the gym at lunchtime and later an evening harbourside jog. Work went pretty well and am finding myself more receptive and responsive. I bought tickets for a stargazing 3D tour at @At-Bristol's 3D planetarium

So, to rewind a little to the promise I'd made: this had happened at the start of the week. Monday evening I felt sluggish, sat at home all day staring at a computer screen with most of the flat curtains drawn while outside life was being lived. I think a heavy Friday night the week before was still affecting me. I had definitely depleted my seratonin with some thoroughly poor sleep Sunday night leaving Monday feeling like a 'day to just get through' , basically meaning, get through your work hours and then sleep - definitely first world problems! (But surely since I wish the majority of human beings had them it makes me a better person right!? )

Monday night was supposed to be pinkman evening but we opted to leave it instead crashing back at mine where I undercooked some 'cook in the bag' cod that was way too aromatic to feel safe and a Tesco reduced-price jacket spud with cheese and flecks of bacon. I tried to resolve things with some homemade bread but dicko here had forgotten to add yeast early on, so rather than cook the usual little bread buns I just made dough nuggets which weren't really what I fancied.

Food can reflect how you feel and food definitely affects how you feel. I am glad we didn't waste Pinkman's on Monday evening as we just wouldn't have appreciated the food, but if you're day is missing that little 'joie de vivre' then you can do no wrong with this eatery at the top of the hill.

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