Dating a nurse , loving the NHS more

From dating a nurse, I've had more insight into NHS nursing, ranging from the high standards expected of them, constant reviews with extremely small opportunity for error, to the less known and eye opening things … ever heard of an organ harvest? It sounds ghastly to me, as a 'norm', but then how else would body parts be obtained? It has to happen somewhere and at some time.

Anyways, so the girlie has a wonderful smile; when she smiles it is pretty perfect and can probably boost your health, especially as you come out of a controlled anaesthesia.

That smile is never far away, considering the long work hours she endures in a high stress environment, the physical abuse from disorientated patients, and the handling of cocky prisoners who are wheeled in still handcuffed. She still maintains a cheery disposition and just gets on with life outside of work.

She has had to start people's hearts (probably broke a few in her time as well), has seen people at their worst, and been there for their final moments on Earth.

Knowing her, and other nurses, has given me insight into some of the really unpleasant sides of the NHS, such as the surgeon operating on someone and having to decide on the best death for them because they will certainly die; nothing more can be done.

The people I've met through her are all pretty similar; they just don't seem fazed by much. Some have come from very tough backgrounds (think orphaned in a poor Asian country when your sole parent walks out on you) but chosen to use their life experiences to help others. They are pretty selfless folk.

Nurses are the people in the background saving lives while getting little recognition. Obviously there are so many who deserve our praise and gratitude but rarely get it; some of our modern-day idols really are ill-deserving of their heightened social status.

Did you know nurses also have to pay to remain on the nurses register? That one is a bit annoying to hear.

So while we sit at home right now as night falls and the cold hits us hard, there are so many folk out there doing thankless tasks. Not just nurses, of course. So many people in our emergency services, from the police to the fire service and the army, and I am thankful to all and I know almost everyone else in our fair isles will feel the same.

I definitely appreciate the NHS while it is still here and the government continues to underfund it in order to eventually declare it isn't working and then sell it off to their chummies. Will have to just wait and see; change can be good

Oh! And don't get your paracetamol off the NHS, they are charged around 5 pounds for a pack when it only costs us mere mortals 30p from the supermarket! Greedy corporates taking advantage as usual!

Love the NHS because it loves you back.

Disclaimer: At no point has anyone I've met who works in the NHS given me personal details on patients or staff when telling stories of their experiences. Another example of their high standard of professionalism.

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