My first Bristol 10k

I hate to admit, that a few days before the Bristol 10k I considered quitting as I just hadn't done enough training beforehand. What stopped me »

Touchdown in Ireland

I've drunk a fair load of Guinness over the years, watched Father Ted repeatedly (possibly THE FINEST comedy of all time ) and Mrs Brown’s Boys, »

Google cardboard

As a kid I'd have loads of fun playing with a cardboard box kindly acquired from the local supermarket. The box - which I could fit »

First run of 2017

Thought I ought to blog my first run of 2017 after a wee hiatus, last years running wasn't super serious with a simple weekly/bi-weekly city »

Suitable end to 2016

This year has been badly slated and am not going to go on about what has passed, many other articles and blogs are doing that , just »

Pinkman's pizza

I still can't help but think of Pinky and the Brain when I read the name Pinkman's. Not sure what their global ambitions are but if »

It has been too long

I've been away from blogging for some time. It’s seriously been too long and I need to get back into this pleasing past-time. There might »