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Brave browser the game changer

June 09, 2019
The monetisation of a website includes banner ads, affiliate links and subscription based memberships. These are all relatively easy to implement, so the ability for content creators to earn from their digital wares is pretty much open to all. It does feel, however, like those three easily implemented methods have helped shape the web's content in not such good ways. Many site owners have…read more
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Bradford-on-Avon food festival

June 06, 2019
We need more family trips where we scooch off for a day to Somerset, Wiltshire or Wales. Just to get away from the familiar city living, see more greenery and simply take in some different sites. Recently we opted for a little day trip back to Bradford-on-Avon, a beautiful town in Wiltshire surrounded by greenery. It's where the buildings seem teleported from the world of Harry Potter, it's…read more
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Sleep training woes

May 22, 2019
It's the evening, the weather is gorgeous but its baby bedtime so we can't go for a stroll and get bathed in the glorious summer sunset. Unfortunately sleep is our biggest issue with kiddo now. Feeding has never been a problem, liquids was at one point, sleep used to be a lot easier but now we're at the standing (assisted) rugrat stage he really puts up a fight when it comes to beddy byes. He can…read more
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13k run ok

May 19, 2019
It’s been a nice weekend. Saturday was spent trapped in the corner of our bedroom sat on my nan’s old chair working away to conclude a 12 month freelance project. The weather was nice, I was eager to get finished and get out and about but the job lasted over 8 hours so it wasn’t to be. A ‘too good to go’ purchase for a local bakeries leftovers proved a fruitful purchase and a good excuse to get…read more
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Limina VR cinema

April 20, 2019
The announcement for a new VR cinema showing appeared on the bristol post website , a media site riddled with spelling mistakes and boring news about locals finding the size of a biscuit they purchased from a national pizza chain, appalling. Not wanting to know the ‘paper’ as much as simply see it improve. Anyways , Limina sounded pretty cool. A VR cinema experience is definitely sci-fi to an…read more
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Working from home with baby

April 08, 2019
Armed with a laptop I can work pretty much anywhere , from local cafes with other remotely working folk via meetups , the local co-working space I now subscribe too , on a train heading to cornwall or simply at home locked away in the bedroom. Home is harder to work from these days, with that new build plasterboard walls separating each room, sat in the bedroom focusing on some front-end Wordpress…read more
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