Limina VR cinema

April 20, 2019

The announcement for a new VR cinema showing appeared on the bristol post website , a media site riddled with spelling mistakes and boring news about locals finding the size of a biscuit they purchased from a national pizza chain, appalling. Not wanting to know the ‘paper’ as much as simply see it improve. Anyways , Limina sounded pretty cool. A VR cinema experience is definitely sci-fi to an…

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Working from home with baby

April 08, 2019

Armed with a laptop I can work pretty much anywhere , from local cafes with other remotely working folk via meetups , the local co-working space I now subscribe too , on a train heading to cornwall or simply at home locked away in the bedroom. Home is harder to work from these days, with that new build plasterboard walls separating each room, sat in the bedroom focusing on some front-end Wordpress…

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Watering the baby

March 02, 2019

Fathering has been nice and quickly normal but not without some issues of course. We went through the dreaded colic which was just horrible , everyone around us who’d suffered under the same condition were always reassuring us it would end, you don’t quite believe it at the time , but now I‘ve joined that club and can the same. One thing we did find that helped when there was colic in our lives…

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Colic – The short fight that feels eternal

December 23, 2018

Colic is stress inducing, an inconsolable screaming baby is the stuff of nightmares that you won't be having as you're kept awake from the ear piercing wails. I don't know what colic is but I assume it's mostly down to the second brain. Babies apparently have no gut flora when they are born building this up from milk. That must make for some pretty painful food processing while they are…

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Nap nap nap nap nappy talk

August 05, 2018

For the majority of my life it's been a big annoyance when parents talk of their babies nappy habits.  Openly discussing the content and the child's reaction to me when I wasn't a parent. It was a tad annoying that they were oblivious to the fact that 1) I couldn't relate 2) I simply didn't want to know. Now a full nappy means no agonised screams from baby boy who can literally writhe in agony…

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Its a boy - Taunton Neo natal intensive care

July 31, 2018

The bedroom seemed so bright throughout the night as corridor lighting beamed in through the frosted door window. My head was still a bit scrambled the next morning, it had been a rough nights sleep, to be expected. It felt heartless not to rush into the ward immediately to see my brand new son, but I needed to get myself together and perform a quick bit of life admin. Firstly I checked A was 'A…

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It's a boy

May 30, 2018

It had been a normal start to the day. I dropped off A (my lovely lady) at her workplace for an 8am start then headed home, grabbed a coffee on the way scolding my hands on that bastard paper cup, got showered then grabbed my laptop to start my own working day. An hour later A texted to say she was leaving work early, she'd not been feeling well and I think her colleagues suggested she go get…

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Glasgow long weekend

March 21, 2018

Me and my fiancée had loved our little trip away to Edinburgh, we fancied a break before 2 become 3 and had heard good things about Glasgow. EasyJet and a nice cheap air bnb bolstered the decision. It was off to the second city of the empire where we hoped the temperature wouldn't drop too much especially after the beating our fair isles suffered from the recent Beast from the East savaging. It…

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November 20, 2017

After Ireland and Romania there was little thought of more travel this year, which we had accepted without issue, I don't think either of us are the sort of folk that 'need' travel, we just 'want'. With Christmas edging towards us like a hungry panther ( slow to begin with then POW! ) and plenty of weekends booked up playing host to family and friends we didn't need this trip, but breaking those…

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War horse

November 04, 2017

Bristol Hippodrome feels that little bit magical. It's surrounded by kebab shops and hectic theme bars on the waterfront, the floating harbour retaining a glimpse at Bristol's darkened past but the modern bars and restaurants are more eye catching as the days draw in and darkness prevails. There it sits amongst the bars and eateries, the 117 year old theatre old and grand a place of entertainment…

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St Ives

September 28, 2017

St Ives is lovely but the sea gulls are not, two things I heard consistently about the beautiful seaside town before we visited. To get there from Bristol took 4 hours by train with an annoying pair of women who bickered at numerous intervals with each other and for several minutes half the carriage, but with the increasingly beautiful landscape rolling by it was easily tolerated. The one train…

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Trip to Romania - Timisoara

September 11, 2017

Romania certainly wasn't top of our travel list , but when me and my girfriend decided to go on our first European trip together our destination choice had to be somewhere neither of us had been. After seeking out cheap flights online our holiday destination was sorted. Having read some positive reviews of a place called Timisoara our flights were booked, train tickets purchased ( to get from…

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One perfect little weekend

July 22, 2017

I was going to get the place to myself over the weekend as my other half was heading to London to watch Adele the next day, so it felt like a good excuse to treat the Friday as a date night. Date night and steak sounded right, so I booked a table down at the Ox on Corn street nestled comfortably below a bustling witherspoons, a boozer in fair contrast to the relaxed atmosphere of the OX in their…

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Bubble football

June 28, 2017

An hour long session of bubble football is much like the journey of life crammed into 60 minutes. For the first 10 you all stumble around finding your feet, getting accustomed to your new abilities and physical restrictions unsure exactly how to go about things. Then it steps up, the expectations are raised and now you are struggling against the odds, aiming to take down others while trying to…

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Bristol 10k

May 08, 2017

I hate to admit, that a few days before the Bristol 10k I considered quitting as I just hadn't done enough training beforehand. What stopped me was knowing how bad I'd feel for quitting. I'd be sat in my flat, situated on the running route, while 13,000 people ran past, hearing the crowds, the bands music , the cheers and the excited runners. Sat there hearing all that knowing I should be one of…

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Touchdown in Ireland

April 24, 2017

I've drunk a fair load of Guinness over the years, watched Father Ted repeatedly (possibly THE FINEST comedy of all time ) and Mrs Brown’s Boys, went to the cinema to see The Commitments, had many a drink with Irish friends, and have even got Irish roots. That, for me, was 'Ireland' up until recently. So the plan was to visit Ireland with my half-Irish girlfriend, visit the countryside, then head…

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The best bikes in Killarney and everything Ross

March 29, 2017

Next morning we awoke, admired the beautiful view of distant mountains from our hotel room then freshened up for breakfast. Downstairs in the front room with lot's of shiny wooden surfaces ( it was really tempting to skid along the floor in my socks ) we had a gorgeous breakfast. The hotel had laid out cereals, fruit juice, jams and home made soda bread. On top of this we had the full Irish cooked…

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Dry January week 2, Friday eve movie night

January 13, 2017

It is rather tranquil in the cold streets below my centrally heated flat as I write on this Friday evening. Dinner was a chicken kiev reduced down to a measly 70p for two and a homely slow cooked lentil dish I concocted from red lentils, a few old spices, generous spoonfuls of thai paste and frozen veg. The sofa feels more comfortable after both me and girlfriend did our individual training ,me…

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First run of 2017

January 08, 2017

Thought I ought to blog my first run of 2017 after a wee hiatus, last years running wasn't super serious with a simple weekly/bi-weekly city jog and 1 x 5k run, but it still felt beneficial and was a good way to boost cardiovascular health plus working my legs. The end of 2016 was plagued with a chest infection, one that seemed to be recurrent lying dormant for a month or two then rearing its ugly…

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Suitable end to 2016

December 31, 2016

This year has been badly slated and am not going to go on about what has passed, many other articles and blogs are doing that , just feels a bit unnecessary. It does feel appropriate that I am ending my 2016 feeling pretty groggy from a nose/throat/chest infection, maybe 2016 has been way more toxic than we originally imagined, lets all take some Vitamin C and look forward. Sadly all the folk…

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Hot desking

March 02, 2016

Even though I know the term and have used it for years, right now, 'hot desk' sounds like a sordid act partaken by a young horny Michael Douglas having illegitimate fumblings with some unhinged bint in a corporate environment. Watch your bunny, Mike! It has been a pretty varied year so far plunging me downward into gloomy solitude but giving me the opportunity to clamber back upward relatively…

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Novel nights - find your voice

January 24, 2016

In my efforts to stave off the January blues, I've been looking for new things to do that aren't just trips to local bars with a couple of mates. Wanting something different, I was told about 'novel nights' by a friend. As an aspiring writer why not go out and actually see what the city's writing scene is like and be in the presence of actual writers and those who've attained that all sought after…

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Finally feeling christmassy and Christmas comes early

December 15, 2015

It felt like Christmas last week and the week before but really when I thought this back then I was kidding myself, NOW it's starting to feel like Christmas. It's as people's work hours start to wind down, old friends are getting in touch for a catch-up before the holiday, traffic warnings begin and everywhere from pubs to shops are playing Christmas classics now without people looking offended. I…

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Live in the moment

December 01, 2015

Who said 'stop and smell the roses'? According to those3chicks, the highest ranking site on my related google search, it was a golfer and that is not the original phrase. It's also an album title used by Ringo Starr and did you know Hong Kong Chinese are more chilled compared to their equivalents from other countries - As I performed…

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The end of a good relationship, false hope and hope

September 01, 2015

The best relationship I've had so far ended a couple weeks back. It is still painful, truth be told I don't want it to end but I'm working on accepting the awful truth. The breakup came as quite a shock to me, it was due to her complicated life circumstances, there is nothing I can do to change or fix and since it is out of my hands that makes it a very bitter pill to swallow. But before you think…

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Bristol harbour morning paddle boarding

August 25, 2015

I did my usual bleary eyed glare at the bleeping iphone next to my head and gave myself a generous extra 15 minutes on the preset alarm time. It was 6:30am. At 6:40am I remembered the early morning paddle boarding session I'd booked, weeks ago, started at 7:15 not 7:30 , so in 35 minutes time I had to be 25 minutes away my current cosey location. I leapt out of bed and grabbed some jogging bottoms…

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Yogic Yogis - Yoga on a rooftop

October 28, 2014

When you walk to work there are so many things that can become familiar. A shop sign , some bench plaque, a tree twisting in a certain way, that kinda thing. One such static feature I've been passing for the last year is a sign advertising yogicyogis yoga classes. After checking the timetable todays class seemed the most suitable to try, I didn't fancy heading all the way over to Totterdown to…

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A most pleasant sunday

October 19, 2014

Today has been nice, pleasant, couldn't really ask for better. I've been out of the flat a couple times, just strolling, gravitating towards supermarkets dotted around the city to check for possible bargains. The TV has remained off which is becoming a good habit as the books and conversation used to fill the void mend the mind rather than consume it. My reading choice has been Allen Carr's "The…

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Boxing training

February 18, 2014

Once a week, hopefully soon to be twice a week I go to a boxing gym for an hour and half of boxing training , it is grueling, it is getting easier and it is definitely enjoyable. So first off I am not going and getting my head ‘tapped’ in a boxing ring learning painful lessons from my mistakes, sparring is reserved for those with skill and experience and even then it seems relatively paced. Having…

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Blog / tweet / something else or none of the above

March 22, 2012

I haven’t written a blog post in a while. I certainly haven’t written at a regular pace for ages and I feel like a piece of myself is neglected. I like writing , I might not be that good at it , but I love it more than anything else I do and writing that is one constant that has followed me from childhood onwards…well apart from being able to jump through sheet glass in slow motion cos it looks…

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Another broken heart on valentines, thank f**k for the NHS

February 19, 2012

My god-daughter turned 1 years old on valentines day and today was her birthday party. I didn’t attend through a combination of a sore throat, a real need to do work and the feeling I am not really family (she’s not christened yet). I felt quite guilty for not going but it sounded like a great time spent with other babies in some amazing foam ball play area , tot heaven! It's startling how quick…

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2012 new years resolution blog now!?

February 16, 2012

On new years eve 2011 it felt like 2012 was gonna be a good year. It has not been bad, but it can be so much better. I’ve not really got into training these last 2 months, once a week capoeria and no kung-fu , quite simply could not afford it. Past that there’s been a spat of boxing training , in fact one of those sessions landed me in A&E, but otherwise its been a bit tame on the activity front…

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Living with a baby 1 year later

February 16, 2012

The thoughts of living with a baby , not my own baby, were across the spectrum. Excitement and fear of the unknown challenges ahead, happiness for my friend who had started to stress her biological clock would expire and depression of the negative impact this would have on my life both social and sexual. Its just over a year now since my god-daughter set up residence in my abode. Of course the…

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Bye bye kettle

January 20, 2012

We said good bye to something that’s been in the flat for a long time yesterday. A well-used English kettle with a portly body, the fogged up glass from years of limescale and a lid that no longer fits in place was sent the way that most UK electricals now go…to the slums of India to be recycled with the rest of our shameful waste. There was no love lost in the binning of the device. It’s been a…

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The burger joint

January 15, 2012

It was a cold day , the sun was shining and outside looked like a summers day, from the warm indoors. Even with the chill in the air we had to leave the flat , food was on the agenda and the burger joint was the first agreeable suggestion made by my flatmate. The Burger joint is quite small , there’s around 7 tables in total, just right for the place. If it were bigger with more seating I think it…

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2012 a late start

January 08, 2012

Christmas 2011 was a good Christmas, not the best , but good. As I get older there is more obligation around this time of year and as my family has extended to include my flatmate and ‘babber’ scheduling was getting a little tough. In the end I spent christmas day in Bristol with flatmate and squeal monkey then headed home via my brother’s car to the family christmas gathering on boxing day. All…

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