23rd August 2018

Colic - the short fight that feels eternal

Colic is stress inducing, an inconsolable screaming baby is the stuff of nightmares that you won’t be having as you’re… read more
Sunset behind ss great britain in Bristol harbourside
5th August 2018

Nap nap nap nap nappy talk

For the majority of my life it’s been a big annoyance when parents talk of their babies nappy habits.  Openly… read more
little slice of taunton
31st July 2018

Its a boy - Taunton Neo natal intensive care

The bedroom seemed so bright throughout the night as corridor lighting beamed in through the frosted door window. My head… read more
side-on view of incubator cot
30th May 2018

It's a boy!

It had been a normal start to the day. I dropped off A (my lovely lady) at her workplace for… read more
21st March 2018

Glasgow long weekend

Me and my fiancée had loved our little trip away to Edinburgh, we fancied a break before 2 become 3 and had heard good things about Glasgow. EasyJet and a nice cheap air bnb bolstered the decision. It was off to the second city of the empire where we hoped the temperature wouldn't drop too much especially after the beating our fair isles suffered from the recent Beast from the East savaging.
bradford on avon tea rooms
20th November 2017


After Ireland and Romania there was little thought of more travel this year, which we had accepted without issue, I… read more
Sunset behind ss great britain in Bristol harbourside
4th November 2017

War horse

Bristol Hippodrome feels that little bit magical. It’s surrounded by kebab shops and hectic theme bars on the waterfront, the… read more
28th September 2017

St Ives

St Ives is lovely but the sea gulls are not, two things I heard consistently about the beautiful seaside town… read more
11th September 2017

Trip to Romania - Timisoara

Romania certainly wasn’t top of our travel list , but when me and my girfriend decided to go on our… read more
Sunset behind ss great britain in Bristol harbourside
22nd July 2017

One perfect little weekend

I was going to get the place to myself over the weekend as my other half was heading to London… read more