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Watering the baby

March 02, 2019
Fathering has been nice and quickly normal but not without some issues of course. We went through the dreaded colic which was just horrible , everyone around us who’d suffered under the same condition were always reassuring us it would end, you don’t quite believe it at the time , but now I‘ve joined that club and can the same. One thing we did find that helped when there was colic in our lives…read more
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Colic – The short fight that feels eternal

December 23, 2018
Colic is stress inducing, an inconsolable screaming baby is the stuff of nightmares that you won't be having as you're kept awake from the ear piercing wails. I don't know what colic is but I assume it's mostly down to the second brain. Babies apparently have no gut flora when they are born building this up from milk. That must make for some pretty painful food processing while they are…read more
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Nap nap nap nap nappy talk

August 05, 2018
For the majority of my life it's been a big annoyance when parents talk of their babies nappy habits.  Openly discussing the content and the child's reaction to me when I wasn't a parent. It was a tad annoying that they were oblivious to the fact that 1) I couldn't relate 2) I simply didn't want to know. Now a full nappy means no agonised screams from baby boy who can literally writhe in agony…read more
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Its a boy - Taunton Neo natal intensive care

July 31, 2018
The bedroom seemed so bright throughout the night as corridor lighting beamed in through the frosted door window. My head was still a bit scrambled the next morning, it had been a rough nights sleep, to be expected. It felt heartless not to rush into the ward immediately to see my brand new son, but I needed to get myself together and perform a quick bit of life admin. Firstly I checked A was 'A…read more
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It's a boy

May 30, 2018
It had been a normal start to the day. I dropped off A (my lovely lady) at her workplace for an 8am start then headed home, grabbed a coffee on the way scolding my hands on that bastard paper cup, got showered then grabbed my laptop to start my own working day. An hour later A texted to say she was leaving work early, she'd not been feeling well and I think her colleagues suggested she go get…read more
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Glasgow long weekend

March 21, 2018
Me and my fiancée had loved our little trip away to Edinburgh, we fancied a break before 2 become 3 and had heard good things about Glasgow. EasyJet and a nice cheap air bnb bolstered the decision. It was off to the second city of the empire where we hoped the temperature wouldn't drop too much especially after the beating our fair isles suffered from the recent Beast from the East savaging. It…read more
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