Here’s what my current job as a web developer involves

Firstly there is the support aspect of the job. There are the emails from customers that need to be deciphered , worse are some of the client requests that sound like riddles constructed from text speak gramma!.

This aspect also includes the ear full down the phone from an irate customer who foolishly used the customer support line leaving them on hold for 20 minutes before they get an automated message telling them ‘this mobile user is currently not accepting calls’ (because unfortunately it’s the clients mobile) instead of using the contact form which emails me. Silly bastards huh!

Otherwise I write code. Generally within an existing system so I am bolting things onto a site rather than building something from scratch. There is also the clients changes where a working system needs to be modified to change the inner workings of the system. Done badly it can have disastrous consequences.

Mornings take me through a nice hilly park area before I turn on my machine then the kettle then wait for my computer to slow boot itself into a working (workable) PC. I’ll check my personal emails then the work ones, always that order and if there is nothing of significant magnitude and importance in my current work list I’ll fire up twitter and have a quick gander.

Twitter never stays on for long , its too great a distraction.

I’ll listen to the radio sometimes depending on the work I am doing. If its something particularly taxing I’ll find any external noise far too distracting. This doesn’t count for the banter amongst my table or the people opposite and their phone calls. I am even immune now to the tin whistle man who busks on the main street below the office playing the same cyclic tune with no discernible talent to play such an annoying instrument.

I can spend some days scratching my head wondering how to fix what looked like a simple issue or find my time scattered across numerous little tasks throughout the day.

Its actually quite rare in my current job for the time to drag, this rarely happened in previous jobs.

Lunch sees me walking the same route home maybe stopping off at the Sainsburys opposite which can be a circus of students and office workers queuing for their lunch. I generally have bread and hummus or peanut butter or some ready made pasta. I would like to branch out and occasionally have a meal I’ve cooked the night before, but I am not that organised or realistically able.

The afternoon can sometimes slump but nothing as severe as it used like the times I’d scoff piping hot pasties stuffed with melted cheese for lunch then wonder why I felt knackered.

4pm will hit me and I’ll wonder where the afternoon has gone wishing there were more time. At this time I will have a realistic idea of when I am finishing that evening. I’ll know if the current project code allows me to leave at a reasonable time or if I’ll be vacating the premises when everyone else has gone home and people on the street are drunk or heading that way.

The job has probably made me my most stressed, made me work the longest hours clocking up plenty of unpaid overtime voluntarily and made me glad to get home at night. But its not the worst job I have had.

So what does your working day involve?