As a kid I’d have loads of fun playing with a cardboard box kindly acquired from the local supermarket. The box – which I could fit in at my young age – was easily transformed from a car, possibly a spaceship then the scissors would come out and a window or peep hole would be engineered so I could better defend my new shelter from any approaching monsters, of course it was already keeping me safe from lava…on top of a mountain….it was great!

I wouldn’t have been alone, I couldn’t have been!

It has been many many years since I played with a cardboard box so happily which changed just before Christmas 2016 when I was handed a google cardboard at a post Sunday dinner slump at a friends.

It was amazing. Such a simple, clever little kit that uses your phone to display a split screen video that works with the lenses on the cardboard viewer to create a virtual reality effect where you can look in any direction and see all around you.

My first ever google cardboard video was footage from a hot air balloon as it ascended to high altitude. That feeling of staring through this viewer downward at where my feet should be and see clouds was amazing.

The decision was simple to get a few for Christmas presents including one for my goddaughter who thought it was great especially the rollercoaster demo which can give you a very mild uneasiness.

Seeing people’s reaction to the different demos from taking a ride on a dinosaur, to travelling the ocean depths or my favourite, looking around a haunted room waiting for something nasty to happen – that particular game (sisters) actually made my heart stop.

The beauty for me is the simplicity, requiring so few resources (except of course a rather complex smartphone ) making it really cheap for hours of fun and leaving little impact if disposed of.

A box can be so much more than just a box.

Check out google cardboard here