The first week of 2017 has felt pretty good, psychological definitely, assisted by Facebook comments from others glad to see the back of 2016.

Having chosen to embark on dry January I am already feeling quite positive about this month and future months filled with activity and health – I want to call 2017 the year with little hangovers.

One concern that dragged itself between last year and these first few days of the new year has been a worrying audible wheeze, sore throat and a feeling of inhibited breathing. The whistling would come and go raising concern for my personal well being and making me feel ridiculous for those carefree decades chain smoking, ‘this is it, it is finally catching up with you’ I thought to myself as I scanned articles on chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

I do tend to drag my heels when it comes to seeking medical help, but then I wasn’t exactly on deaths door, the breathing issues would occur pretty much every day but not all the time and I could still heave a fair amount of air into my lungs, maybe I was being a hypochondriac?

My girlfriend (works as a nurse at BRI) definitely thought so.

As of 5th January and a lung test I have had this confirmed. It turns out even after 25 years of heavy smoking and vaping for 2-3 years, my lung power is actually above average and pretty damn good!

The problem after all that is a life long nose issue which can keep my nose blocked for 90% of the time.

A fucking nose issue.

Anyways, nice to know so I can carry on with life and focus on a new health issue.

But moving onwards the lack of drinking is premature but more importantly I have stopped my daily constant vape habit.

Working from home means I can vape until my hearts (dis)content, but the buildup of nicotine certainly leads to a consistent anxious feeling, restlessness and headaches that I shouldn’t have. Also, for anyone else who vapes at night, do you find your dreams can be more vivid and generally erring towards nightmares?

It appears vaping may well affect your dreams, hopefully in the literal sense rather than future aspirations, jury is still out on their safety, but I did still find i could train a lot more as a vaper than i ever could as a smoker.

This year I want less hangovers, definitely less vaping and more of the good things, like that feeling after a run, sleeping properly at night and tasting my food!

Guess the no 1 new years resolution will be to look after my nose.