Having passed dry January with flying colours (I say that because I held off drinking until the 2nd weekend of Feb) I was quite looking forward to a few beers.

I don’t take any other recreational drugs, no weed, coke, pills and definitely none of that legal high stuff. It is just alcohol and right now I’m not sure I really want that in my life much anyways.

Pushing nearly 6 weeks without a beer felt good, my stomach had flattened considerably, energy levels had risen as I got quality sleep at night, trained more in the week and started to make good food choices, basically my head felt less clouded, I felt good, felt at peace.

So two weeks into Feb and Friday had come around, the night I’d planned to have a drink. I went down to Brewdog to catchup with a mate before home to premier some home brew I’d had on the go since November last year.

I’d invited a fair few people over, figured if I’m not going to drink often then why not try and make the times that I do a bit more social. I’d put out the feelers a few days beforehand to be a bit organised but alas my efforts hadn’t quite worked as it was one of those nights when everyone was up for joining later but ended up getting a bit too drunk in the places they’d chosen to go.

It was a shame but if people had joined later in the evening I would have drank more to keep me going, so there was a definite plus and there was already a few of us so there was conversation at least.

The home brew turned out to be pretty good, surprisingly so as I was convinced it wouldn’t have worked out. I sanitised everything but I had used regular tap water, surely in it’s unfiltered form I would have produced pond water! Luckily what actually sits in that fermentation barrel in my living room could be sold down a boozer, testament to the (Russian Stout) kit I bought.

Nice as it was my head felt fucking horrible the next day and my insides were really not happy from retching the night before. Looks like a break from booze affected my tolerance. To top that off I’d finished the night arguing with my partner. None of those things were worthwhile.

Friday I drank and Saturday was the innocent victim, turns out the day I chose to have my first drink of 2017 preceded snow the next morning which I missed because I was out for the count. Definitely an unexpected hidden consequence.

The rest of Saturday was spent watching Netflix and trying not to cough as it hurt my head. Leaving the flat was near impossible (for me feeling bad) so we got a Chinese takeaway after trawling though voucher sites to find a discount for deliveroo and failing. We had given up sourcing any first time offers for deliveroo so went to reluctantly complete our full-priced order but had spent too long searching for savings, ‘ASAP’ orders could no longer be fulfilled in our zone and the wait for food had become over an hour and 45 minutes. Bit too long to wait for a burrito from a vendor 10 minutes walk away.

So I promised myself 2017 will be the year of little hangover and that first actual hangover is definitely going to help that happen.

Booze, how did I ever think you were a good thing!?

For the last 5 and a bit weeks I’ve been reading more, running more, my yoga practise was coming along and I was finding meditation easier. I was booking stuff each weekend for the coming months, DIY jobs were getting done easily and promptly, basically those pesky little tasks like self-assessment were done without much issue. Being nicely busy meant being force ably inactive was way more noticeable.

One night drinking won’t be taking any of that progress away and it certainly hasn’t made me want to go for a drink anytime soon. I reckon becoming an alcoholic must take a fair bit of effort to begin with!

2017 is still the year of little hangover.