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November 20, 2017
After Ireland and Romania there was little thought of more travel this year, which we had accepted without issue, I don't think either of us are the sort of folk that 'need' travel, we just 'want'. With Christmas edging towards us like a hungry panther ( slow to begin with then POW! ) and plenty of weekends booked up playing host to family and friends we didn't need this trip, but breaking those…read more
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War horse

November 04, 2017
Bristol Hippodrome feels that little bit magical. It's surrounded by kebab shops and hectic theme bars on the waterfront, the floating harbour retaining a glimpse at Bristol's darkened past but the modern bars and restaurants are more eye catching as the days draw in and darkness prevails. There it sits amongst the bars and eateries, the 117 year old theatre old and grand a place of entertainment…read more
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St Ives

September 28, 2017
St Ives is lovely but the sea gulls are not, two things I heard consistently about the beautiful seaside town before we visited. To get there from Bristol took 4 hours by train with an annoying pair of women who bickered at numerous intervals with each other and for several minutes half the carriage, but with the increasingly beautiful landscape rolling by it was easily tolerated. The one train…read more
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Trip to Romania - Timisoara

September 11, 2017
Romania certainly wasn't top of our travel list , but when me and my girfriend decided to go on our first European trip together our destination choice had to be somewhere neither of us had been. After seeking out cheap flights online our holiday destination was sorted. Having read some positive reviews of a place called Timisoara our flights were booked, train tickets purchased ( to get from…read more
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One perfect little weekend

July 22, 2017
I was going to get the place to myself over the weekend as my other half was heading to London to watch Adele the next day, so it felt like a good excuse to treat the Friday as a date night. Date night and steak sounded right, so I booked a table down at the Ox on Corn street nestled comfortably below a bustling witherspoons, a boozer in fair contrast to the relaxed atmosphere of the OX in their…read more
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Bubble football

June 28, 2017
An hour long session of bubble football is much like the journey of life crammed into 60 minutes. For the first 10 you all stumble around finding your feet, getting accustomed to your new abilities and physical restrictions unsure exactly how to go about things. Then it steps up, the expectations are raised and now you are struggling against the odds, aiming to take down others while trying to…read more
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