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Bristol 10k

May 08, 2017
I hate to admit, that a few days before the Bristol 10k I considered quitting as I just hadn't done enough training beforehand. What stopped me was knowing how bad I'd feel for quitting. I'd be sat in my flat, situated on the running route, while 13,000 people ran past, hearing the crowds, the bands music , the cheers and the excited runners. Sat there hearing all that knowing I should be one of…read more
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Touchdown in Ireland

April 24, 2017
I've drunk a fair load of Guinness over the years, watched Father Ted repeatedly (possibly THE FINEST comedy of all time ) and Mrs Brown’s Boys, went to the cinema to see The Commitments, had many a drink with Irish friends, and have even got Irish roots. That, for me, was 'Ireland' up until recently. So the plan was to visit Ireland with my half-Irish girlfriend, visit the countryside, then head…read more
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The best bikes in Killarney and everything Ross

March 29, 2017
Next morning we awoke, admired the beautiful view of distant mountains from our hotel room then freshened up for breakfast. Downstairs in the front room with lot's of shiny wooden surfaces ( it was really tempting to skid along the floor in my socks ) we had a gorgeous breakfast. The hotel had laid out cereals, fruit juice, jams and home made soda bread. On top of this we had the full Irish cooked…read more
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Dry January week 2, Friday eve movie night

January 13, 2017
It is rather tranquil in the cold streets below my centrally heated flat as I write on this Friday evening. Dinner was a chicken kiev reduced down to a measly 70p for two and a homely slow cooked lentil dish I concocted from red lentils, a few old spices, generous spoonfuls of thai paste and frozen veg. The sofa feels more comfortable after both me and girlfriend did our individual training ,me…read more
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First run of 2017

January 08, 2017
Thought I ought to blog my first run of 2017 after a wee hiatus, last years running wasn't super serious with a simple weekly/bi-weekly city jog and 1 x 5k run, but it still felt beneficial and was a good way to boost cardiovascular health plus working my legs. The end of 2016 was plagued with a chest infection, one that seemed to be recurrent lying dormant for a month or two then rearing its ugly…read more
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Suitable end to 2016

December 31, 2016
This year has been badly slated and am not going to go on about what has passed, many other articles and blogs are doing that , just feels a bit unnecessary. It does feel appropriate that I am ending my 2016 feeling pretty groggy from a nose/throat/chest infection, maybe 2016 has been way more toxic than we originally imagined, lets all take some Vitamin C and look forward. Sadly all the folk…read more
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