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Living with a baby 1 year later

February 16, 2012
The thoughts of living with a baby , not my own baby, were across the spectrum. Excitement and fear of the unknown challenges ahead, happiness for my friend who had started to stress her biological clock would expire and depression of the negative impact this would have on my life both social and sexual. Its just over a year now since my god-daughter set up residence in my abode. Of course the…read more
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Bye bye kettle

January 20, 2012
We said good bye to something that’s been in the flat for a long time yesterday. A well-used English kettle with a portly body, the fogged up glass from years of limescale and a lid that no longer fits in place was sent the way that most UK electricals now go…to the slums of India to be recycled with the rest of our shameful waste. There was no love lost in the binning of the device. It’s been a…read more
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The burger joint

January 15, 2012
It was a cold day , the sun was shining and outside looked like a summers day, from the warm indoors. Even with the chill in the air we had to leave the flat , food was on the agenda and the burger joint was the first agreeable suggestion made by my flatmate. The Burger joint is quite small , there’s around 7 tables in total, just right for the place. If it were bigger with more seating I think it…read more
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2012 a late start

January 08, 2012
Christmas 2011 was a good Christmas, not the best , but good. As I get older there is more obligation around this time of year and as my family has extended to include my flatmate and ‘babber’ scheduling was getting a little tough. In the end I spent christmas day in Bristol with flatmate and squeal monkey then headed home via my brother’s car to the family christmas gathering on boxing day. All…read more
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Nine weeks x 2 - Friday

July 09, 2011
‘Right everyone wrap it up , lets get down the bar, don’t make me pull the plug’. This was unusual for a Friday afternoon. We’d normally arrange an after-work drink then eventually vacate the office at 7:30pm at the earliest if and only if a client’s website had not failed which they inevitably would once the D word was ushered. It was 17:15, the work day was not even over and we were being told…read more
featured image thumbnail for post nine weeks x 2 - peering back

nine weeks x 2 - peering back

June 29, 2011
I am on a step , sitting by myself. My legs swing casually as I look downward at where I was , am quite happy to be higher than I was. I am not very high up and I want to get higher. My concentration has improved , I am training up to 4 times a week , my allotment is showing some greenery and generally my grown-up life with a mortgage and a baby is nice, stable. You know I’ve actually forgotten…read more
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