Watering the baby

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Fathering has been nice and quickly normal but not without some issues of course. We went through the dreaded colic which was just horrible , everyone around us who’d suffered under the same condition were always reassuring us it would end, you don’t quite believe it at the time , but now I‘ve joined that club and can the same.

One thing we did find that helped when there was colic in our lives was a special blanket that had handles on it so you can wrap your baby up then swing them to sleep , it was remarkable and fast acting. But it didn’t last for too long, but still for the sake of a couple months when we could soothe the tiny banshee it was worth the 25 pound pricemark.

There are 6 teeth poking out the little guys mouth now, giving him a cute grin, giggling a lot now as well especially at the faces we pull and voices we make, THAT is definitely rewarding after the months of hysteria.

I’ve got an upcoming weekend when I’ll have my son all to myself , which will be nice, but could get nasty. He’s still a baby, a baby that breastfeeds, a baby that breastfeeds and doesn’t drink much water yet.

That is going to be the real tester , making sure the tiny guy gets fluids from more than the food I’ll be giving him.

At the minute getting him to drink out of a cup is dramatic. He’ll wriggle and writhe as we attempt to pour some water into his mouth which he’ll avoid swallowing , gargling away as he cries heavily , unfortunately our current efforts are more like a lacklustre waterboarding. But we’ll get there! We have too!

Repetition is key and everyday we get the cup filled with an inch of pre-boiled water ( I guess to assist those fragile tummy bacteria ) and get him to sip from the container, it’s going to become normal and nice and less of a trauma for all involved.

My partner did make a purchase a while back of a milk bottle with a spoon instead of a nozzle that actually works pretty well, but time will tell on that one.


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