Flu in June

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It was around 10pm Sunday night when I knew something was wrong and I started to feel different. By midnight I had the usual flu symptoms and a new worry going round my pretty little head. what happens if the baby contracts this?

When I last had flu it was at Christmas but my pregnant flatmate was innoculated from the flu , hopefully the jab included what I have now as I feel pretty rotten but for a tot unable to fully communicate and limited mobility it would be an amplified unpleasantness.

I was a good boy and forewarned work with an email around midnight to say I had started feeling naff, 5am and I emailed again to confirm I was wretched. Wierdly I got nothing from no-one, I expected some missed calls on my mobile or at the very least an msn message , but there has been nothing at all, maybe a pause in the jungle drums…

Sleep was hard to come by last night so I took advantage of my screwed snooze pattern and watched back to back episodes of my favourite show Good Eats. Nothing to take the mind off the battle within than learning to make chicken pot pie , spring rolls and bouillabaisse (across different episodes).

I find it almost weird to be ill. In the last couple years I pulled countless sickies due to alcohol, way way too many days off , now I feel like I am skiving because I cried wolf far too often even though I am genuinely ill. It also feels a bit strange to have the flu twice in the last 7 months, I am sure I’ve only had this virus around 3 times in my life so why do I get hit now I am making efforts to improve my health , hmmmm.

One positive is this flu is bad enough it keeps me bed ridden until I take cold and flu tablets which allows me to function OK and at Christmas I reckon I had swine flu , mainly because I had the additional symptoms that made that strain of flu piggish and that was far far worse. I feel like I could be better in a couple days , at Christmas it was well over a week.

I still don’t really see the point in having the flu so am definitely getting the jab around Christmas , in a way it feels like the virus out their knew I was going to attempt to dodge it so dispatched a couple henchman to take me out early. Bastard!


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