Being at the Birth – 6 points for other guys

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My housemate/best friend has just got back from hospital with a beautiful , gorgeous , wailing baby. The experience was quite long , pretty painful for her and a life changing experience for all concerned.

To mark the occasion here’s a couple points I’ve walked away from my first birthing as a guy.

  1. If you don’t drive have a taxi number somewhere obvious so you can rush out the door as quick as possible.

  2. My flatmate was in a lot of pain, a hell of a lot of pain. Basically prepare yourself to feel useless. Remember that your presence to her is really important. I just sat there and was a hand to squeeze. This my flatmate said was an immense help

  3. If you’re sqeamish look away now. I have nearly passed out giving blood and even felt sqeamish watching bloody events on TV. But when there was loads covering the surgeons and their implements as they performed some necessary surgery I felt fine, I found because of the moment I couldn’t feel squeamish. You’ll man up on the moment don’t worry.

  4. The midwives , nurses , doctors and surgeons are pretty fucking amazing, they know what they are doing so take some relief in that.

  5. Midwives know babies , ask them stuff if you don’t know what you are doing. Babies aren’t bulletproof but they won’t fall apart easily either. They do require a little special handling, don’t be afraid to ask questions

  6. During recovery nurses would come round and point a hand held device with LED lights on it into my housemates ear. It doesn’t steal thoughts it just takes body temperature.


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