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Home cooked bread is a joy and a pleasure. A staple amongst millions if not billions of people it spans the planet and comes in many guises shaped by nature and culture, it's our past our present and will almost certainly feature in our future.

But it can be a right pain to make. You end up with hands like fly paper and a kitchen top dusted for prints. Considering the price of bread is it really worth the effort…

Yeah. Home made bread still tastes better than the majority of store bought loaves. And because you get to choose and control the ingredients its going to be healthier too.

The method (sources) I use takes around a day , but its effortless with very little to be done. Its a case of mix->wait->cook. No kneading required.

The ingredients I use are –

yeast (well duh!) 1 pint water 4 cups wholemeal flour ( dosen’t matter what colour you use just get bread flour ) 1 tsp Table salt pinch Sea / rock salt (optional) Olive oil (drizzle) around 1 tbl honey

A container to hold the dough mix in the fridge A muffin tray to make small breads

If you need to activate your yeast then follow the instructions on the packet. If it asks for sugar try honey instead, up to you but I think it takes the flavour in a nicer direction.

Mix your flour , yeast , table salt , honey and drizzle of olive oil into a container with a loose fitting lid.

Mix the contents to make sure the flour absorbs all the water.

Place your container into the fridge and leave for a minimum of 8 hours ( I have left it for 2 days before with no negative effects). This is called a slow proof and allows the flavours from the yeast to be absorbed evenly throughout the dough , it will also cause the glutens in the flour to bind removing the need to knead.

After the 8 hour minimum slow proof,

Get that dough mix out , it should look spongey and will have increased in size.

Get your muffin tray and rub down with some oil and dust with flour to help stop your breads sticking.

Spoon that bread dough into the muffin tray.

Once evenly distributed amongst your tray, you could sprinkle a pinch of rock salt on top of each little bread , but thats wholly optional.

Get your oven pre-heated to 180℃.

Cook for 25-30 minutes.

Once the outside is browning get them out , before you do anything let the breads cool, otherwise you will ruin all that effort (bare minimum hopefully) you have put into these.

Serve as you see fit


No knead Bread recipe – New York times

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